“What is Reiki?” Podcasts

036This is a series of 10 podcasts exploring topics that answer the question:  “What is Reiki?”

Reiki Nomad podcast is available on iTunes!

The target audience for these recordings are all students of Reiki, but especially those who may be searching.  If you are wondering whether a Reiki treatment or a Reiki class is in your best interest, these talks may help.

Podcast topics:

  1. The 5 Ideals for the 21st Century:  the founder of Usui Reiki (Usui Mikao) left us with his “Secret art of inviting happiness”.  This podcast discusses his steps and updates the 5 ideals for more modern times.
  2. Setting Intention:  energy is difficult to objectively measure, so directing treatments with intention is essential.  This episode makes clear what a good Reiki intention is like, and why it is important.  This is especially useful for those unsure about receiving energy treatments because of spiritual or religious reasons.  The point is to make clear the intention setting process so any with hesitation or specific needs can engage in productive conversation with their practitioner.
  3. Reiki:  Definitions, Uses, & Benefits.  This episode finally answers the basic questions about what Reiki can do.
  4. Reiki Practitioner Levels:  There are many practitioner levels and titles out there, this talk is to make some of those more clear to those who are new to Reiki.
  5. Attunement & Lineage:  this podcast is a discussion of what happens and what is meant by the initiation process of Reiki students (called an attunement).  In addition, a discussion of lineages is included, which reveals how different teachers emphasize and pass down their skills, ‘flavoring’ the Reiki techniques the students receive.
  6. Reiki Modalities:  a discussion of the many different ways that Reiki can be combined with other techniques to result in powerful, individualized healing.
  7. Reiki Share:  what it is and how it can benefit you:  a talk about why attending a Reiki Share is a great idea whether you are a practitioner, a possible Reiki student or a client searching for a practitioner.
  8. Let’s Talk about Channeling:  it’s a loaded term, and if the energy isn’t coming from your practitioner it is coming from somewhere else.  This is why intention setting/prayer is so important to starting the process.  Here is a talk that breaks down Reiki as channeled energy–essential if you are hesitant about receiving due to religious reasons.
  9. Is Reiki a Religion? (NO!):  this is a discussion about Reiki as a spiritual practice, not a religion.  In fact, Reiki doesn’t have to be a spiritual practice, but can be used as a set of tools and techniques that are purely secular or professional in nature.  However, many practitioners bring their own skills, beliefs and spiritual connections with them into their Reiki practice.  Reiki itself provides no dogmatic guidance or cosmological doctrine, which makes the tools and techniques compatible with any belief system or lack thereof.
  10. Energy & Honest Talk:  last in the series, this podcast deals head on with Reiki misinformation floating around the web and among those who are not knowledgeable.

Also being constructed at this time is a series of 10 Guided Meditations on the Anatomy of the Human Energy Body.  A link will be provided as they become ready.


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